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  • Choose your dream career now:
    Almost every traditional field is saturated with a stagnant workforce. The animation industry on the other hand needs over 60,000 people, while hte demand nets a mere 10% of hte requirement.
  • Corporations:
    Corporate publishing firms need people to create training and simulation software to teach their workers for example : Airlines use flight - simulation packages to keep their pilot skills upto date. Military defense contractors on how to operate satellites, telescopes and other hardware.
  • Advertising:
    As internet advertising expands. Companies are looking for better ways to attract people to their websites.Intemctive ads are becoming a popular way of doing that. Similarly, companies include fun, interactive content on their sites to draw traffic and enforce brand loyality. Globally, there is a server shortage of skilled animators, learning no dearth of opportunities for a skilled animation professional. If you have considered animation not to be a serious career, consider again!

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